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Ruger hammer forged barrels

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Any thoughts or information on these?

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You don't even have to weld over the pins!
So far as I know,
Blind pinned, but the pin cant be removed, if it can it doesn't count, welding the pin ensures this.
High temp silver solder.
That's the reason for other approved methods(dissimilar metals), either way I believe it has to preformed by a FFL.
Doesn't require an FFL. Just work on the barrel separate from the firearm, make sure it's a 16"+ barrel when you put it back in the rifle.
I will not dispute on that, because I don't represent the ATF. But a few years ago, one of the local smiths tried his version of "linear" pinning vs radial pinning, he won his case but it was questioned!
If the barrel stayed attached to the firearm, one would be manufacturing a SBR, that would require an 07FFL and SOT, and maybe technically, paper work, or a letter from the ATF.

Which is a lot of commotion, for a rechambering of a 10/22 barrel.

probably best to add the permanent brake first, then trim.
1 - 3 of 27 Posts
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