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Ruger 96-22m

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Due to the shortage of .17hmr ammo, I think I'm gonna go with the .22mag for the time being for rabbits, badgers and called coyotes (less than 100yrds)....Anybody have anything good or bad to say about the 96-22m as far as acuracy and the .22mag in general.......also, are the .17hmr barrels from green mountain able to be put on the lever gun?:cool: :t
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Buy the 96/17 instead

Then you can put a 10/22 magnum barrel on it for when the .17 HMR ammo is scarce. Later you can get a 10/22 magnum and swap the 96/17 barrel to it and have a genuine Ruger 10/17.
I thought about doin it that way Ted, the idea of a semi auto hummer really turns me on.....to bad a guy cant even trade his soul for some ammo right now........but I wanted to go with the lever action because it adds some character to a gun in my opinion.....My hunting partner is waiting on either a 10/17 to come out, or he's gonna go the way that you suggest......I'll wait till the ammo is plentiful and drops a bit in price and then add the .17 barrel but keep the lever action.......Its a little different than what most .17 shooters will prefer, but thats character aint it?:cool: ;)
A 10/17 for your partner

Here's an example of just one of those I've built.

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Nice lookin gun Ted!!....I'd be a little nervous to take it in the bush though.....Wouldnt want to scratch it up or have my hunting partner looking at it with with a watering mouth.......He commented that it looked good enough to lick like a lollipop!!!!....What do you use it for?...Does it ever come off the bench?
Off the bench

Constantly out shooting with it. When not on the rifle rest shown it sets on a Buddy bag. I do use this rifle a lot for PD's and Gophers. Here's another one to look at.

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I put an 18.5 inch Lilja barrel which was made for doing 10/22 Mag>17HMR conversions on my Ruger 96/22 Mag, and I doubt I'll ever put the 22 Mag barrel back on it. It is like Tom Swift's laser guided atomic BB gun, and I'm a kid again.
Ammo isn't really a problem; just figure you can't count on your local shop for it, and you have to order it 6 weeks ahead of time, from MidSouth or the like.
I have been through 7,000 rounds since last June and have never run out. In fact, I loaned a brick to the local gunshop when they ran out. (Wonder if they have it back for me yet...)

Best to All

Where did you order the barrel from?.....How much?......And is it an idiotproof conversion, or should I be finding someone to do it for me? Thanks!! :cool: :t
Short version---I basically just stuck it on there, and it worked great...
Long version--- bought the barrel from Lilja (copy of Ruger's Varmint Taper, cut to 18.5 inches), in their used barrel section.
It was made by Lilja "for a 10/22Mag>17HMR conversion, but the guy changed his mind and wanted a longer barrel".
In 2 such conversions last year, the 22 inch barreled one worked fine. But I failed to get the 18.5 inch one going; but I tried, for 4 months!.

So I talked to people at Hornady, Lilja, Volquartsen, and Ruger; then finally bought a 96/22Mag, verified that the barrels measured the same where it counted, and just stuck the 'semi-auto' barrel on the lever action.

The barrel band doesn't fit anymore. I had to open up the barrel inlet a bit. I put a little epoxy under the receiver in 3 places, also the first inch of barrel.
Short little thing, a bit chunky with that heavy taper barrel, but still only about 7 pounds. Been shooting since 1955, and have shot about everything, but that little gun...it is really special.
It shoots almost as good as my Anschutz 1517MPR on the bench, and a lot handier 'around the place'.
Little weird looking though. I placed a couple little well-thought pieces of skateboard tape on the stock, and epoxy-puttied a chunk of an old Mauser handguard on the fore-end where the barrel band was...figured it looked strange anyway, so I went with that.
Sorry, but I can't post a picture here yet. (Post your email address and I'll send you one...)

Good Luck, and All the Best
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Great Reply Bob.......Thanks..........And YES I would love to see a picture of your 'strange' little gun........My email address is in my profile........:cool: :t
I tired sending you an email with pictures through the forum's system.
Hope it worked!
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