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Ruger 96/22 Headspace Issue

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Just picked up a new Ruger 96/22 and was noticing the amount of space between the bolt face and the factory barrel. Looks to be about .005" or less. I put a piece of masking tape on the locking edge of the bolt and reinstalled. When the bolt locks up with the tape inserted, the bolt rests against the barrel face. I also have a 96/22 magnum with a Clark barrel and looked at it. The barrel is square up against the barrel face with no space. How can I correct this or is this an issue thats not worth worring about? In addition, I will be putting a VQ 17m2 barrel on this rig and discard the Ruger factory. Should I wait and install the VQ barrel to see if the shank may be slightly longer? Any help or comments would be appreciated.