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ruger 10/22 vs savage 64

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ruger 10/22 vs savage 64FV

I'm a first time shooter with a low budget. I've heard wonderful things about the 10/22's and the savages.

At first I was leaning toward the savage 64FV, but I have heard a lot about trigger problems.

What do you guys think about the two for a first time shooter (age 15)?
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tough choice eh

I own a 64fv, a10/22, and a 597.I am also very new to rimfire paper "punchin".Bone stock outta the box for me, was the Savage.That's not to take anything away from the other two though.The trigger has a lot of overtravel I find,but everything requires a little trigger work of sorts anyway.I do have to agree with going with a bolt action as a first shooter.Not too many things to go wrong with them versus the semi's.Besides there ain't nothing stopping you from getting a semi later on.Listen to these guys around this site,as there is a wealth of knowledge here.I have had a ton of help and everything seems to always work out.Good Luck and happy shootin':t
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