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ruger 10/17?

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if its already been asked im sorry.does anyone know when the new semi auto .17 from ruger will be available. i saw the ad for it on the back of the newest SOF mag. however i dont see a word about it on thier website. go figure.thanx bently.:)
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as soon as they can make enough ammo to feed the 10-17's that we've already built! :rolleyes:

I saw the adds to, and then misteriously, everything got reel silent :(

might be better to just build one like alot of us

where are you guys ordering your barrels from. and is it a hard swap.thanx bently
head over to the 17 forum and do a search, you'll find all the info you need! most are using heavy 77-17 barrels with a shim kit sold by one of the members here. other option is the 96-17 barrel, it seems to be a strait drop in, but finding one is like picking hens teeth.

I used the stock barrel from my 77-17 when I put a heavy barrel on the 77.
I cut it down to 18" bought artifex's shim set, and presto! a 10-17 that puts 9 rounds into 5/8" at 50yards as fast as you can pull the trigger. and yes, if you slow down, it will still perform with the bolt gun at 100 yrds.

i sure appriciate the info guys id love to have a semi auto .17. have any of you shot squirells w/ the .17 yet. im sure a head shot is a mess but i wonder what happens if you make a body shot.does it make a mess.are you left with hind legs for dinner?thanx again.bently
if you want to eat it you beter shoot it in the head, there won't be much left it you hit it in the chest hav'nt done it personaly, but one of the guys posted pics in the 17 forum a while back. ... wernt purdy ears front paws and rear legs was about it.. tthis little bullet sure has a big bang at the other end
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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