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Rookie Question

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Rookie Ruger 10/22 Question

Hope you can help with what is probably an easy question. I just picked up a stainless Ruger 10/22 for my son and he put 300 or so rounds through it yesterday. We didn't clean it and today it jammed probably 20 times. Some were stove pipes and some just didn't seem to cycle the bolt enough to pick up a new round. We didn't have any malfunctions on day one using Remington LR .22. Today we used Federal copper jkt .22. Both are the bulk type, 500 to a box.

I didn't think a Ruger 10/22 would tend to jam after three hundred rounds so I'm wondering if the Federal ammo is a problem in the Ruger 10/22. Any feedback is appreciated...and we did clean the rifle well when we got home today. Have to try it again later this week.


GJ in Nevada
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No, it should not be jamming after 300 rounds. Must not like the Fed. ammo although most 10/22's will eat anything thrown into them. Oh well, if it won't shoot that particular brand that's no big deal as long as it shoots something well.

Chances are your problem isn't a big deal, you didn't mention the exact Federal ammo you used, mine has loved Federal 711B which is an inexpensive standard velocity ammo.

Did you lube the gun before shooting it? If so did you use oil on the bolt? 10/22s prefer using a dry lube on the bolt rather than oil, if you do use oil then wipe the bolt as dry as possible and realize that it will require the bolt be cleaned and relubed after even just a couple hundred rounds. Most semi-auto 22s are like this.

Some ammo is dirtier than others, the dirtier the ammo the faster you'll have to clean the bolt.

If you do a search in RFC on cleaning proceedures you'll find plenty of good advise.

Dave Z.
I have a box of the bulk federal 730 that is JUNK. (325 pack of 36gr HP)It's got more squibs in it than the Remington Golden Bullets that many here DESPISE.
Try cleaning the action and shoot some CCI mini-mags in it. I believe you'll find that your problem is 75% ammo and 25% "crud" related.
You might also want to check in the "tips and tricks" section about tuning the magizine for better reliability. (Just a thought because eventually the mag's going to need to be cleaned anyway.. why not learn how now:D)

Knitepoet gave the exact same response I intended to offer (though his was probably better written and shorter).

Pay heed to his words of wisdom.;)
you know, my cousin was shootng his old win m69 in .22 short with remington sold in 50 rnd boxes, after about 150 rounds we about to leave (my cousin is cheap :)) and i took out the bolt and looked inside the bore and man! it was super dirty, like large peices of residue looked almost like large sand grains inside the bore, my enfield looked cleaner after firing 200 1950's mfg .303 corrosive ammo. i guess some things are cheap for a reason :D :t
Its probably because you didn't clean your gun.
I'm not saying you should clean it every 300 rds, but who knows if the last owner EVER cleaned it ?
I clean my gun every 100rds (every time I go to the range). I never had a jam that was not related to the ammo.

Perenally I don't use federal (any more) , they don't group well with my pistols. I fired like 100rds of it and my gun seemed a lot dirtier then after 100 winchesters.
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