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Last weekend I took my Romanian M1969 .22 Trainer to the range. I had taken it for less formal shooting just after I bought it a year or so ago and got less than spectacular results. I could feel the action shifting in the stock when I worked the bolt, so I planned to fix the action bedding.

Upon disassembly, I found the action to be essentially a tubular body. Using Acraglass Microbedding compound (basically an epoxy for small bedding and repair jobs), I bedded the bottom, back and front of the action as well as the large-diameter section of barrel (about 2.5" from the action to where it steps down). Now the action is rock-solid in the stock. I have not yet floated the barrel and it is definately touching along most of its length. The rifle still wears it's 3-leaf iron sights, which actually allow for decent shooting as you can see below. I plan to fit it with a low-power scope suitable for ground squirrels and to check its full accuracy potential.

I had on hand a nice asssortment of .22 LR loads. All shots are at 25 yards from a fairly good sandbag rest and with issue iron sights.

1) CCI Green Tag 1" (1/4" one-hole group plus 1 flyer)
2) CCI Std. Vel 9/16"
3) Win T22 Target 15/16"
4) Wolf MT (current) 1/2"
5) Win HV HP #1 1 1/8"
6) Win HV HP #2 13/16"
7) CCI Stinger 7/8"
8) CCI Velocitor 1"
9) CCI Mini-mag +V 1 1/4"

#1 Older round-nose style bullet
#2 Current "power point" style

As you can see, this rifle can put some groups together! I will post further results after floating the barrel and fitting a scope (I honestly don't think the scope will affect groups much at 25 yards as I shoot iron sights pretty well at that range).


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I havn't seen very many posts with negative results from a Romainian. Other than a rough finish on a lot of them they have got to be the all time "sleeper" rifle!

I've surprized more than one shooter with a high dollar rifle with the accuracy of mine. All they can say is "Well, mines purdier".

I put a Bushnell Sportview 4X12-40 ao scope on mine and the combination works well for me. Enough power for targets and not too much for hunting/plinking.

Enjoy your rifle! JL
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