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Romanian Trainer Issues

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I purchased a M69 yesterday. The gun was packed full of cosmoline. However, the bolt cycled smoothly, and the trigger pull was crisp, but heavy.

I have disassembled, cleaned and reassembled the unit. Now, the bolt is very hard to close, and the trigger pull is horrible.

Did I do something wrong? Any and all help is appriciated.

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Romainian trainers are not known for their smooth finish. Some are better than others.
When you cleaned out the cosmoline you probably washed out the only lube it had.
I've polished the triggers on both of mine with good results. Just smooth out the metal in the contact areas of the trigger and disconnector and lube with a good moly based lube.
The boltway is another place to check to see if it is smooth. If not, a little polishing will also help in this area. DO NOT remove any metal in the bolt lock down area as this sets the head spacing for the bolt.
After cleaning the bolt itself, a few drops of light oil is all thats needed (I use ATF) and just wash out with carberator cleaner and relube.
If you don't feel comfortable with doing the polishing work, a dab of polishing compound in the boltway will help with the gritty bolt. Just run the bolt back and forth with the compound on the contact areas should help break-in the action. JL aka HB
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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