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Rom M69s and all that good stuff

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I never thought to look for a forum on RFC for Romanian M69 trainers, but am glad I found it. Never has so much debate and info raged on as the question of how to scope these beautiful lil' 22s.
I've used everything I found online from the cheapie BSA airgun scope WalMart sells for $15 (which btw held great zero for about 3 weeks and gave me 3 shots touching at 100 yards) to KwikSite adapters, you name it. One thing I never have tried is drilling and tapping as I have that old anti Bubba thought process drilled into my head.
Noticing diferences though in that so called dovetail base these rifles have has led me to be open to lots of options. For example the old imports without the big CIA electro dot stamp seem to have a wider base, and the newer ones have a much narrower, almost shaved base. My first M69 had a base wide enough that it allowed me to fit some standard 22 rings. Newer stamped models, not newer production dates, but newer Century stamped imports only seem to work with Kwik Site adapters or a few airgun rings.
This all wierd because the first one I bought that has the small import stamp and wide base is listed 1984. On the 2 others I bought from SOG that have the large Century import mark, one of them is earlier and one is later than the 1984 model and they have a narrow base. Almost as if Century has altered the bases of these because it looks like extra material was removed and then the whole reciever reblued. :rolleyes:
Either way i've got 2 that are scoped, and one that i'm refinishing and plan to use open sights on. These are great rifles and the knowledge on tricks and tips with them is hard to find. Everything i've done so far with the exception of bolt take down is from being self taught including finding ways to remove that stuborn stock finish.
Heres a pic of mine with the BSA airgun scope along with target.

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I generally hang with the martini mob, but I have a Roumanian trainer as well. Bought it at Big 5 Store for about $70. Nifty rifle with an absolutely horrid trigger. I put a trigger shoe on it, and an overtravel stop. Can't believe the difference! Great groups! Also, I find the first leaf of the express sight is dead on with CCI CB Long cartridges at about 25'.

I attempted to refinish the stock, but only dulled my files. Painted it black, and added a snowflake pattern with white paint and a sponge.

Looked at it tonight and realized my old eyes don't see the front post so good any more. This weekend, Ill remove thefront hood, dovetail the ramp, and install a fiber optic bead. Report to follow.

Ed Bu
Refinishing a Romi stock isn't easy. A paint/varnish stripper is needed and sometimes in multiple coats. Then some light scraping and once its dry some sanding is usually required. I've seen beautifully done stocks with wood dyes and diferent stain techniques. My most un-original was 2 coats of Red Mahogany stain mixed with tung oil, followed up with 6 coats of straight tung oil after.
romy sights

I have a 1980 model, the dovetail is very defined, but I can't get anything to fit in it. I have Weaver rings, airgun rings, old 1970's era rings - everything I've tried doesn't fit! Guess I'll have to shell out the big bucks now . . .

BTW - it is a good shooter but needs some work smoothing out the firing pin. It gets stuck after about a dozen rounds and I can't chamber the next round.

Griz, have you tried KwikSite's adapter mounts? They convert the Romi base to regular Weaver style. If those don't fit the BSA airgun model scope sold at WalMart for around $15 should fit.
As for the firing pin, I read a post somewhere about someone removing the retaining pin with a center punch, taking the firing pin out, polishing it, and sanding the slot where the pin sits. I recently did this to a new Romi bolt that I got and was amazed at how much crud and rust was in the firing pin slot. It moves with ease now.
The retaining pin is hard to get out and only comes out one way. I wound up using a small vise with a white shop rag under the bolt to catch it since its so small.
Griznatz , I had to use the three pice KwikSite's and file the two pice base part where they meet to close the ring's base tighter so it would fit the rib, it workes very well! Also watch when you mount the base on rail because you may place it so it interferes with the bolt. when you try to operate the action . peeperx
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