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Rimfire Sporter Match - June 5 - Northern VA

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Hi Folks,
A reminder that the Two Rivers Rifle club will host a Rimfire Sporter match Sunday, June 5 in Front Royal Virginia, with relays starting at noon and 2:30 p.m. <www.TwoRiversRifle.com> .

If you're planning on attending, please email me <[email protected]>.

We now have 20 firing points so there's plenty of room.

Besides the CMP achievement pins there were also be certificates for:

I Survived the Spiders on Point 1:
For anyone brave enough to setup next to the "jungle."

Most Brass Down Your Shirt:
Be honest, we all think "Oh Jeez" when we see a 10/22 to the left of our point.

Most Food Eaten While Moving to 25 Yards:
We'll have bulk food discounts for people that go for this award.

I'm also open to other award ideas. :D

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You try'n to tell me something Kevin?
The OBX-Rings will launch a full assault bud, I'll try an get you some numbers this week. Please order some good weather, ok :t

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Match Results

Here are the results from the June 5 rifle match, Front Royal, Virginia:

Dave Mentzer                93-2   73-0   82-0   71-0   75-0   70-1   464-3
Stephen Hargreaves*         79-0   85-1   72-0   45-0   91-2   82-1   454-4
Randolph Carlisle           74-0   55-0                               129-0

Kevin Nealon                100-9  96-5   100-5  92-1   98-2   93-2   579-24
Eve Nealon                  99-4   97-0   93-0   84-1   94-1   89-0   556-6
Rocco Derobertis*           96-2   84-0   95-1   87-3   94-3   95-0   551-9
Cliff Fegert                93-2   84-1   91-1   78-1   92-3   89-0   527-8
Stephen Hargreaves          88-1   75-1   84-1   90-0   87-1   95-1   519-5
Kristen Gressly*            87-1   76-0   66-0   76-0   81-0   82-0   468-1
Virginia Yoneyama*          79-0   50-0   84-1   78-0   77-0   81-0   449-1
Chris Fegert*               61-0   35-0   75-0   72-0   88-0   85-0   416-0
Randolph Carlisle           95-4                                      95-4

* - First time competitor
We had 90 degree weather.
I was thinking of changing the name of the match to the Tarawa Classic.

We had four new competitors shoot this match!

One of the new competitors is Rocco Derobertis (relay 2, point 4), a Florida resident for much of his life before heading north. He thought the day was a little on the cool side and debated on wearing a sweater. And since they have really big bugs in Florida, when one of the range spiders came along, he just punched it between its eight eyes.

Since three of the new competitors were ladies, Randolph Carlisle, being the consummate Southern Gentleman, decided to feign "sight problems" on both his rifles and so claimed low score for the day.

This let the ladies say "at least I wasn't last!"

The ladies will never forget you Randolph!

Yours truly, claimed the award for best score / worst picture of the day.


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Once again the weatherman dissuades my merry hoarde from heading north (sigh)
The prospect of 6 hrs on the road to face a "rain out" was just too much :(
We lost one shooter to a family engagement, two others to unexpected work, leaving just three of us to divy up our wondrous gas prices. While the game is worth the cost, if the money ain't there......
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