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RifleBasix trigger

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After months of anticipation, the new riflebasix trigger arrived today. I just finished installing and adjusting it. I have to say, it was worth the wait.(and the $) It's totally adjustable, (pull weight and creep) and feels and looks like a remington trigger. I hated to spend 1/3 of the price of the rifle on a trigger, but it's such a great shooter I felt I owed it to myself to fix it's only weak point.
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It's on a 882SSV

forgot to mention the rifle, I'm a little giddy over it.:rolleyes:
Mark, I also received my trigger thursday! Sure is a Big step ahead of the Marlin! well built I must say!!! I'll pop her in tomorrow I just wish it would friggen warm up a bit! single digits here in mich. The ajustability looks sweet
Got mine, too......

Put one in my 882SS. When word gets around on these, he is going to sell a lot of them. Makes all the homemade Marlin trigger fixes feel....well...homemade!
I recently heard that these triggers will adjust up to 2lbs is this true? I thought they where only adjustable from 10oz-1 1/2lbs? Well at least thats what Rifle Basix advertises.
Put mine in today! There is a rimfire God!! Man talk about smoooth !!! This is gona be like a hole new gun now I have to finnish up the stock from richards micro fit and polish the barrel and I'm done. Shane with the trigger cranked up feels like 1.5 to 2.0 lbs but it's real smooth nothing like factory I'd have to scale it to know for sure! A good way if you have a reloading scale is pull the action from the stock tape a baggie to the trigger add sand or sugar untill the sear breaks then weigh it out. Thats how I did my CZ17hmr with Brookie's kit, Can't wait to get them side by side !!!
test shoot

I got a chance to shoot the 882SSV tonight. I headed out to a friend's farm and went looking for cotton tails. Man oh man is this trigger sweet! I have it adjusted almost as light as it will go (about 1 lb) with about one thread of the seer adjustment screw showing. It was great, this trigger is so good it made me quit thinking about the trigger. Just aim and fire.
I have to admit, I'm a bit spoiled from shooting my Beeman R9 with the ultra nice Rekord trigger. The RifleBasix isn't quite a Rekord, but it's not far from it.

Sounds good I may have to purchase one after hearing all good feedback. I will do the Pental spring fix first and then consider the Rifle Basix trigger. I should hold back for my Volquartsen or finish my 77/17 and that AMT project.

Oh man so many projects so little time/money :D
I too installed a Rifle Basix Trigger in a Marlin today. The rifle is my buddies, a Marlin 2000L Target Rifle. The installation was a snap. After a little tweaking to get the engagement right, I tweaked on the weight of pull screw and ended up with a super crisp 1 1/2 pound trigger. We did have it around a pound at one point and it was holding just fine.

After getting it all tweaked in we headed for the indoor shooting range (temps in the single digits here to). Ron had a heck of a time getting used to the trigger, and kept hollering "I wasn't ready for that one". However after a couple of USBR Targets he was getting the hang of things.

When we were cleaning up after 3 hours of shooting I asked Ron if he wanted me to put the original trigger back in, and his reply was I dare you to try.

I was impressed overall with the trigger. It adjusted quite easily, and was super simple to install. Was it worth the money, I can not honestly say, but if I had a Marlin Rifle a Rifle Basix Trigger wold be going in it, no question about it.

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Where did you guys get the rifle basix trigger?
The add says "Marlin .22's and .17 HMR Hummers"

This may sound like a stupid question. Does if fit the semi autos?

I got a .17V on order, but I also have a Model 60 with a horible trigger pull (After more than 25 years of ownership I've gotten used to it, but my kids are having a tough time.)
RifleBasix Trigger.

I want to get a RifleBasix trigger for my 882SSV. How does RifleBasix bill you? Do they ship it to you then bill you, or bill you than ship to you when they receive payment? Everyone seems to love their triggers. I want a lighter trigger than my own trigger job.
As far as I know the Rifle Basix Marlin Triggers are just for the Bolt Actions.

There was a bill inside of the package with my buddies Rifle Basix Trigger. I have heard nothing but good about Bob and his products, and everyone that has dealt with him says he is a great guy to do business with.

One thing I do know for sure is, he is going to sell a ton of these triggers. They are super easy to install and tune, and look like a quality product. the first thing I noticed was that the engagement surface on the Rifle Basix Trigger (where the trigger contacts the sear) is wider than the original trigger. To me it seems like this gives the trigger a little more contact area, but yet allows for a crisper trigger in that the depth of engagement can be controlled better. Yep, they are going to sell a ton of these triggers.

just put my riflebasix trigger in a couple hours ago just got in from a few test rounds man is this outfit the deal ,trigger was super easy to install in my 17vs,bob is one super nice person to deal with called him on sunday night around 9:30 no mail on monday it was a holiday trigger was here on wednesday.think you'll get your trigger faster thru him then anywhere else,also he sends it first then ask's for payment where else do you know of that will do that.
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