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RFC Offhand Reunion Match Coming Soon !

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Coming Soon---RFC Offhand Reunion Match !

We had a great March turnout with 22 entries and some really terrific scores. Check us out at: http://www.rimfirecentral.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=327

I wanted everyone to know, we are looking at having our RFC Offhand Reunion Match soon, probably the June match.
Same offhand matches we have here every month, but with a special twist just for those who participate !

It would be GREAT to have all 60-odd shooters who have shot this match over the past 3 1/2 years come back to join us for this one.
If you know anyone who has not shot our O/H Match in a while, please help spread the word.
Of course NEW shooters are welcome to this event too !

Will have more info toward end of this month.

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RFC Offhand 4th Anniversary match---> Oct 2016

The summer was too busy, so we are set to run the RFC Offhand Reunion/4th Anniversary Match this coming October.
October marks 4 years for this match and we a going stronger than ever, with new shooters joining every month.
We now have four categories in the match: 25 Yd Scoped, 25 Yd Irons, 50 Yd Scoped, 50 Yd Irons. With a separate running scoreboard for each class.
What that means is that you may submit up to 4 entries every month, one for each class.
We are gunning for the October match to be our biggest ever.
We would like to have all of you who have shot with us in the past re-join us for this special event.
Of course newcomers are always most welcome there as well !
There will be special recognition available to all who attend this Anniversary Match.

As usual you can find us down in the Offhand Match Forum : http://www.rimfirecentral.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=327

All the best,
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25 yards most any ammo will work.
Its a blast!

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If you have not shot with us yet, October is a great time to start, and the best way to warm up for the October Anniv. Match is to shoot the September match going on right now.

If you are wondering what we are all about, it's all spelled out in our rules thread. As you will see there, We have a grand total of 7 rules. Pretty simple since there are no restrictions on guns or ammo, as long as it's rimfire, you are good to go with what you have !
Basically it's take any rifle you have, shoot from your hind legs, and post your score !

See you there
September Offhand Match scores are up

September Offhand Match scores are up , same place in our Scoreboard sticky: http://www.rimfirecentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=561984

October is our 48th match, or 4-year anniversary, its already shaping up to be a real record breaker with lots of new shooters and a great range of scores

If you've never tried this match, there is no better time than this month to do so.
There will be special recognition for all participants.

So dust off the rimfire you like to shoot best and come burn some ammo with us !

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I attempted a 50 yard irons, but by the third bull decided I should save the rest for practice. More to come. Enter early, Enter often.

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Yes, offhand is "strangely different" from shooting bug-hole groups from a benchrest.
When tackled in earnest most everyone finds offhand shooting to be a very humbling experience.
Perhaps that is why only 80 (out of 137,690+ !) RFC members have even attempted this match in its four years running.
Offhanders are a rare breed of rifleman, my hat is off to each one of you,
25 yards Iron Sights

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Nice bull David ! I hope you are posting that in the OH Match forum for the gang to see...

BTW back in the day before I started the OH match, I used to post such pics in the general forums here, when I got a decent bull like yours. My targets got varied responses, including a few like- "Bob, that's not a group, it a PATTERN ! "
That speaks to the predominance of BR shooting here. I still do some BR once in a while, and of course use bench for sight-ins etc. But since I got seriously into offhand, I get bored pretty quick sitting at the bench.
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