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Revolution Trailblazer...

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Anyone have any experience with one of their walnut models? Im looking at one and I know I will have to open the channel up to fit my heavy taper.

Just curious how those of you who have one, like it?
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Revolution stocks are good to go..I have a couple of them and like them a lot
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I have an explorer from them and the fit was just as good as Boyds.
just got a walnut Revolution thumbhole stock for my Crickett, and I'm disappointed with the finish

they left a lot of pores unfilled when they applied the finish...maybe it just needs another coat or something but the finish that's on it now is a bit lacking

sorry for the bad pic, but maybe you can still see the bad finish

my last laminate stock purchased from them, an Extreme, was finished very nicely..don't know why they would treat the different stocks differently but it seems they may
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