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Request for CZ wizard Brookie...

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How about putting your talants to work coming up with a front sight mod to work with a true reciever peep sight. My only gripe about the 452's, I'd sure like to outfit the new Ultra Lux I have on order with a good reciever peep.
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Thanks for your compliments and confidence in my ability to find a solution. The solution may already exist but perhaps it has not been brought to closure.

I would first recommend looking at the existing dovetail mounted receiver sights from Beeman and Williams Gun Sight. Redfield also once made a receiver sight that will work that you can occasionally buy on eBay.

Next you need to find a way to adjust everything to work at normal ranges. I can only restate my experience with the Redfield sight but my guess is that all the sights I mentioned will have similar issues.

First the rail that adjusts the elevation of the sight might interfere with the stock. The options are to either remove some of the wood or remove the bottom of the rail so it can go all the way down.

Secondly the front sight may not be high enough. I think it is a close call once you can get the rear sight down as the factory sights are fairly high. I did not make the modifications to the stock or sights to get the rear sight lower and my guess is that it was sighted for about 75 yards. You might need a slightly higher front sight. That might also require removal of the front sight hood.

The design of the front sight blade is a dovetail that fits in a ramp and is adjustable for elevation. You could add a bit to the top of the sight. Another option would be to add an aperture to the top - a small metal tube would be enough. I have experimented with an aperture front sight to go with the aperture rear sight I make. It works well but you need to either modify the existing front post or obtain one from another source.

Another option might be to puchase one of the BRNO model 3s or 4s as many have receiver sights.

There seems to be a periodic flurry of interest in peep sights for the CZ. I made the replacement peep blades in response to one flurry. I would be happy to pursue the receiver sight options more if there is enough interest.
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