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replacement sights for 22/45

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Hello all-
I just purchased a used 22/45. The gun shoots great and feels great in my hand. I would like to replace the sights if any are available. Are sights listed for the MKII compatible with the 22/45 without any drilling? I want drop in parts if available. Thank you in advance for your help. R
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Yes, sights that are described as being for a Mark II are compatible with a 22/45, as the barrel/receiver assemblies are the same on the two different models - I'm assuming that your sights are adjustable. For iron sights, Millet makes a nice set. I think that Brownell's sells them for around $60. I can't remember where, but I know that I have seen either the Millet or something close to it for around $30. I'm still looking.
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