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Remington Premiers....

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...found some at my Bass Pro Shops, $8.99 a box too. SO, I asks the flunky..."how many you got?" He says "I just got em in today and I have 7 boxes"...I says " gimme all of em" hahahahahahaaa...flunky gripes about not having em in stock now...go figure.

BTW...they actually had 4 boxes or Remington 17HMR ammo fer $9.99 a box and 4 different 17HMR rifles too!
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Have had the same thing happen.

Dealer puts ammo out to sell.

I come along and buy it.

Then he gripes that he does'nt have
any. (?)

Just don't add up,no matter how ya figure it. :D
A whole 7 boxes??

Gee, I guess they figure that having a brick or two, would be "overstocking"!

I cleaned out my local Bass Pro as well. $8.99 is a very good price. It is a buck cheaper than Gander Mountain. They should know they are going to sell a ton of them.
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