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remington ammo

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Hi Im new at this board, but I see lots of great info here.
I was given an m41 for Xmas this year from my wife, bless her. I have put about 500 rounds of Remington through it. I get about two misfires out of fifty. There is always a fireing pin strike on the rim. This seems consistent with use in my other guns too. Have any of you had this same experience with Remington ammo? Thanks.
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We used to be able to get Remington cyclone at $17.50 a brick, it never shot to point of aim in dads rifle or any of the .22's we have. We switched to Whinchester Super X Powerpoints at $60
a brick and I tell you it was worth the expense.
Our rifles group nice ly and it shoots to point of aim with iron sites.

I gave away my last box of Remington to a friend who just used it as inaccurate plinking ammo.

We have experienced misfires with Rem ammo. You take it out, move the rim around and fire again, most of the time it fired on the second time.
Ron, I tested 5 brands and 3 differing types of ammo until we settled on the Powerpoint.

My Anshults groups it in to a 3 shot cloverleaf at 50 metres, makes a five shot 1/4" hole when the barrel gets hot after 50 rounds.

My dads Lithow does pretty well with it too(using a Tasco Accudot).

My brothers long barelled "BULLY"(21") puts his shots in nice and tight with Winchester Super X Subsonics(never measured the groups)useing iron sights.

We tried the Reminton in a Bullet cather we own,in a factory(After hours) some years ago. Despite the fact their was no wind, the bullets never shot to point of aim and the bullets just walked accross the target. Grouping if you can call it that was like 5-8". Thats no over exageration, we still have the targets at home. Use em all the time to justify to fist timers why cheaper is not always better in rimfire ammo.
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Cornbread, you sound like your afraid of that guys ability to shoot or something.

I'm normally a very placid person until you piss me off. If you had said that about me behind my back or to my face, I would personally want to make your face connect with my fist. This site is not about insults and trash. You wanna trash a site, going pick on some liberals.:mad:
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