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remington ammo

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Hi Im new at this board, but I see lots of great info here.
I was given an m41 for Xmas this year from my wife, bless her. I have put about 500 rounds of Remington through it. I get about two misfires out of fifty. There is always a fireing pin strike on the rim. This seems consistent with use in my other guns too. Have any of you had this same experience with Remington ammo? Thanks.
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anything bulk pack should tell you something;) Remington Yellow jackets are great in the 10/22 or my MarkII or anything I have shot them in, Hyper velocity JHP coned bullet,$24.00 brick. Never had a misfire and I have been shooting them for 15 years at least;) they hold a good group, I found Winchester X the worse, misfires. and under loaded rounds,could never get a good group, I had one thud in my rifle one day had to take apart the rifle to check if the bullet was in the barrel still, It was not must of just made it out of the barrel, I have shot CCI's time to time, never had any good results to speak of, many flyers...Its hard with 22 ammo, due to the low cost of making them, the quality is not there compared to center fires, and of course you can't reload them either...I like to roll my own when it comes to center fires ;) factory ammo sucks for the most part, I guess for over all factory ammo, I would pick Hornady, Remington corelok's...for quality factory ammo...Aim small hit small. RAMbo.
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