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remington ammo

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Hi Im new at this board, but I see lots of great info here.
I was given an m41 for Xmas this year from my wife, bless her. I have put about 500 rounds of Remington through it. I get about two misfires out of fifty. There is always a fireing pin strike on the rim. This seems consistent with use in my other guns too. Have any of you had this same experience with Remington ammo? Thanks.
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ALL Remington bulk pack ammo is junk. Missfires are not so common but weak rounds are common. More so than any other bulk pack ammo made by well known makers.
steve-in-kville said:
Talked to a guy that buys Rem's Golden Bullet by the CASE. Claims its the best stuff he's shot for the price.
Do not be within 1,000 yards of this guy when he has a firearm.

Do not let him have any sharp objects.

Do not get into a car with this man.

Find the number of a good doctor and give it to him and beg him to seek help because he is a very sick man.
Be sure his strait jacket is on very tight and you have his meds within reach.

We don't know how he may react.
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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