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remington ammo

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Hi Im new at this board, but I see lots of great info here.
I was given an m41 for Xmas this year from my wife, bless her. I have put about 500 rounds of Remington through it. I get about two misfires out of fifty. There is always a fireing pin strike on the rim. This seems consistent with use in my other guns too. Have any of you had this same experience with Remington ammo? Thanks.
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I do not like Thunderbolts. I do not like them in a plane, I do not like them on a train...

However, it seems that the 100 round boxes of "Target" aren't a bad deal for the money. Several of my shooting buddies are using it.

I have several boxes for testing in my MKII and CZ452...I like to see things for myself.

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