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Remington 40X Rifle Raffle

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Please post and email to the widest possible audience. Here's a chance for "Shooters to Help Shooters." Our Youth Program needs your Support.


Roy McClain
[email protected]
Spalding Co. 4H Shooting Sports


We have a very large, robust, and fast growing Youth Shooting Sports Program here in Spalding County Georgia. A while back, the CMP offered Remington 40X .22s with sights and our Club bought several. We have these, in "as purchased" (most are in very good, to great) condition. We have decided to offer what we have, one a year, to a select group of buyers. We will offer 144 - $50.00 tickets (no more, and the drawing will occur as soon as the 144th donation is made) or "donations" each year. These donations will be our primary funding stream for our shooting sports club for a given year. Since you will make your checks payable to Spalding Co. 4H, and note that it is for "Shooting Sports" you will have helped us and yourself too. The Rifle will be available to any lawful US Citizen, and will be transferred to an FFL of your choosing. Your Tickets will be mailed to you with your position on the posterboard noted. If you'd like to donate and receive "Tickets" you may do so by sending your $50.00 per Ticket - Checks, made payable to Spalding Co. 4H.


Carol Gulliford
County Extension Secretary
Spalding County 4H
[email protected]
P. O. Box 277
Griffin GA 30224

Email Questions to;

Roy McClain
[email protected]

Ticket purchases will be entered onto a posterboard, with 144 positions or squares on a "first received, first entered" basis. Names will be written, one per square, left to right, top to bottom until all 144 squares are filled. Playing cards will then be drawn to assign positions first on the left side, then on the top. You may purchase multiple tickets.

Spalding Co. 4H Shooting Sports, reserves the right to substitute a cash award of up to $500.00 should the winning ticket purchaser choose the cash over the Remington 40X .22 Rifle with Sights. Spalding Co. Shooting Sports will make every reasonable attempt to resolve any issue in a fast, fair, manor. The decision of Spalding Co. Shooting Sports is final.