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rem yellow jacket??

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I know this ammo has been around for a while. How does this ammo compare to the stingers and velocitors? they are all pretty close in velocity. I'll be shooting these out of a Mk II-lv. I'll probably just buy all three and see which shoots best, but i'd still like to hear some opinions.

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They shoot pretty good from my AMT with a BC carbon fiber barrel. I haven't tried them in my CZ nor have I run any over my Chrony.
They shoot as well as good bulk ammo for me (of course they go a lot faster).
The only thing I don't like is they're so darn ugly.
They feed fine from my GM bull even if they have that funny cone.
For the ballistic info you can go to:

http://www.remingtonle.com/ammo/cfrfbal.htm and it will have a listing of all the Remington rimfire cartridges.www.remingtonle.com
Been a while since I've seen any (nobody around here carries them), but as I recall they worked pretty well. Much more accurate than Stingers. And they punched nice holes in the paper. Fragmentation in water jugs was into essentially a "doughnut" and a "plug" instead of lots of little pieces like the Stinger.
I tried a few (5) in my Ultra Lux today.. they grouped about the same as remington target @ 25. Shot a few inches higher @ 100 than the standard or Hi-vel I was shooting @ long range.
What Remington needs to do is offer these with round hollow point bullets. I think a lot of people don't buy them because they don't feed well.
I bought a couple of bricks when they first came out with the idea of using them for **** hunting. When I go by myself I use a model 17 S+W with a six inch barrel as it is easier to carry when handling a bunch of dogs. They shot good enough but on large **** which will go over twenty lbs the killing power was lacking out of the revolver, two or three shots sometimes. I switched to Stingers and the problem was solved, I think the bullets perform better. The only rifle I really used them in is a Rem nylon 66, they functioned okay, accuracy was nothing great but good enough and the killing power was much better on ***** out of the longer barrel.
I like the Yellow Jackets for anything I don't care to save the meat from. I've "blown up" quite a few rats and taken out numerous woodchucks out to 50 yards or so with them. They are accurate enough from most of my guns (but don't feed well, or at all, out of many autoloaders).
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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