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Red Dots and mounts

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I have a 6" taper barrel MKII not predrilled. I would like to purchase a mount that I can use with a red dot sight. Other then SoLows what else can I use, without drilling into the pistol.

Does anyone else make a C-More type redot that costs less then 150 dollars? I like "open" red dots. No tunnel vision.


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Sorry 45 R,

J-Points, & Doctors are in the +$200 range. I agree with your choice in optics, I like my Optima. Just move your $ threshold and get the best. Weigand or Aristocrat make a Optima style mount using the existing dovetail. Look in the Ruger-Other Gallery for Pappy John's 22/45.
I think he means the shooter's field of view is less impeded by the smaller optics package.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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