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Rebarrel a P94S?

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I signed up not only to glean knowledge but to get my little Sako I recently acquired spruced up a bit with a different barrel….any suggestions would be truly appreciated.


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I see now. Someone cut down your original barrel and did a very poor job of threading it. Never seen threading like that.
Factory length for the P94S Range model (that you have) should be the same as the Varmint model, 23 inches, and did not have threads.

Lilja used to make barrels for the P94S, but I seem to remember reading on here they discontinued them.
Not sure if they might still do one on custom order. I do not know of anyone else that made drop in barrels.
Otherwise you will have to have a gunsmith make one from a blank, or try and find a original barrel.

However not all might be lost. Since it is already 16 inches and can not be trimmed shorter and left that way. You could find a gunsmith that can cut off those threads and then re thread the barrel and make a spacer with new threads, then pin/weld the spacer in place. This makes it legally 16 inches again as the spacer can not be removed.

What is the diameter of the barrel in front of those threads? If it is thick enough, possibly it could be threaded a slightly smaller thread size, then a sleeve threaded on and Loctite in place, then the sleeve threaded.
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