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Read before firing that converted 17HM2!!!

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I just got back from test firing my 10/17hm2. First shot, I had the rifle up to my shoulder, looking threw the scope, I squeezed the trigger and Bam! I got a face and Arm full of powder and brass! (yes I am left handed). I found the empty case and found that the head had split. This was with CCI ammo, and thinking it may have been a bad round I dropped the rifle down from my face and racked off 4 more rounds. The rifle functioned flawlessly, but everyone of the cases had ruptured. Ok so I load another mag with 5 rounds of Hornady and again all 5 cases ruptured. In the past this rifle has worked great shooting 22lr. It is using a WP 17hm2 barrel with the EBCO mach2 charging handle. only other mods are a VQ extractor and a PC Hammer. What do you guys think I should do? is this a Barrel problem? Is there something I can do to the bolt? I seen another thread where there was a problem with a WP kit. Anyway be very careful when test firing a converted hm2. If I hadn't been wearing glasses I would be at the emergency room right now getting my eye worked on.
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"The thing"

Gunter has been dogged in his insistance on getting his barrel to work, so has TFrank on his old Mossberg. Has anybody tried hand lapping one of these monsters before Moly Fusion, like I did? Maybe hand lapping a few hundred passes would "Hog it out" just right.
You'll get it Gunter, I have no doubts, and it sounds like you are really close! :t
I don't have any trouble with mine! Also if it is true that the liners are tighter than in a bolt action that is an advantage. Higher velcities for sure and possibly better accuracy as well. Hey Skeeter, Andy's HMR 93 Savage has a plastic stock and was pretty light.It does have a heavy barrel though. Sound familar? He didn't like how light it was but he took a bunch of modelling clay and BB's and stuffed the butt stock and forearm with the stuff. Rifle gained a bunch of weight....hhhmmmmmmm! I wonder how much a certain "Space Gun" would gain and what THAT might do for making it easier to shoot those little tiny groups. Just a thought.
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