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Glad you were not hurt!

This whole conversion of 10/22 to 17HM2 has been very contraversial. There are some here that don't believe the industry when they say that the 17HM2 pressure chacteristics aren't close to 22LR and a whole lot more than bigger springs and a heavy bolt handle are necessary for the conversion to be sucessful. It turns out that any blowback design is a complicated balancing act between the pressures, the mass of the bolt (and associated accessories like the bolt handle), and the force exert by the bolt to cock the hammer. It is a design problem that no one has yet taken seriously enough. While some are having success, they are lucky. The design with the 17HM2 is right on the edge. Get a tight barrel or a light hammer spring and you get your results.

I'd tell whomever you got the stuff from, and ask for a solution. They owe you a refund if they can not get the rifle to work correctly. I'd offer them the gun and let them risk themselves trying to make it work correctly. If no solution is coming, time will eventually solve it but the solution may be a whole new Ruger rifle, not a converted 10/22.

Others who profess to have been successful with these 10/22 conversions to 17HM2 take note: you may be next. There are entirely too many reports like fatcat240's appearing on this site for it to be an isolated problem.

1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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