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Took the 37 out shooting today. Perfect day...overcast, no wind. After playing around at 25yds and getting the sights set, I pushed out to 100 yds. I fired 3 Remington Club Extra rounds, dropped 2 clicks and fired 3 more. I figured I was lucky to hit the paper as I was using the post front sight and it obscured alot of the target. The range master was watching through the spotting scope and began laughing after my last shot. So with his laughter ringing in my ears, I walked down to check my target. I'll let the picture speak for its self........1st group under 1/4 moa, second just under 1/2.
Yes, I do shoot alot (long range center fire) but all my stuff has glass on top.
Not too shabby for open sights I think. :D
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