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Range Report: 0.178" Group

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Here is my best group to date using the Volquartsen Deluxe with the 10" barrel, the Burris 3-12x32 Fine Plex scope and Aguila Pistol Match (10 rounds, 25 yards from the bench) . . .

If you have not seen it, here is a picture of the Volquartsen with the Burris on top . . .

Today, I bought a case of Aguila Pistol Match.

--seal killer
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R. Taylor--

Everyone loves the way it looks.

Regarding the ported barrel, all I can say is this: There is practically ZERO recoil. In fact, there is so little recoil that I am going to put a high-magnification rifle scope on it. This will put my eye between six and six and a half inches behind the pistol and three to three and a half inches behind the scope.

But, what I am REALLY looking forward to is the 32x magnification I can get out of the Burris Signature Select Fine Plex 8-32x44! The ONLY thing I do with the heavy Volquartsen is bench shooting. So, the high magnification should not present an insurmountable problem.

I have finally found some guys that do the same crazy thing I do: Shoot pistols at long distance from the bench. We are going to form a league. Currently, our informal standings put me at the top--by a long shot--because of the Volquartsen. Yet, all of the (potentail) league members have MUCH more shooting experience. (A couple of them have been shooting as long as I am old!)

I guess it keeps me off the streets.

--seal killer
ps Oh! By the way, if you liked the group that started this thread, you will REALLY like this one! Three rounds of Wolf Match Gold through the Volquartsen/Burris 3-12x32 at 25 yards from the bench . . .

Here is a link to the entire session, which included FIVE zero inch, three-round groups!

The Volquartsen/Burris 3-12x32 and Five Zero Inch Groups
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