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$150-200 price range

Come on guys, he said his budget won't take him over $200, so that leaves out MOST of the models suggested!! To help with a little bit of this question with my "first hand experience", and not just a preference of brands, there is nothing wrong with the Bushnell, Nikon, or Cabella's brand, as far as their lower end range finders! Other are better, but a little to a LOT more expensive! Average guy, doesn't need, unless, he's got a pocketfull of extra cash! Some are easier to hold, carry, and some have more power on magnification as well as range, BUT, my bet is, your dad will rarely shoot more than 300-400 yards, and very seldom that far! I hunt Canada a lot and we shoot a lot of "open shots at coyote's, deer, bear, and the occasional wolf, and still don't use the rangefinder as often as one might think you would, but it has save me a few times, when I almost shot for wrong yardage!!
These things are optics, and best bet is get the best you can afford, but don't break the bank, and watch the ads and auctions, as stated, and sometimes a deal on used pair, brings smiles even more!!! Still have some Bushnells, by the way!!!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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