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As usual, up early out to the range, hanging the first target at 5:30 am, per usual, place was empty. The indoor range had a catastrophic ballistic rubber wall failure, 7 out the 8 lanes were shut down, #1-6 were dead because of the wall and #8 was dead , because someone shot the track. But #7 was functioning perfectly.

Today was a Bergara B14R Carbon day, along with a CZ 457 Scout day, I brought both pairs

Today’s ammo was 600 rounds of Aguila Super Extra HV (red box)

B14R #1 - not a single issue, functioned perfectly

B14R #2 - only issue was me, not locking the mag in, after the first shot on the third target, the mag fell out, not a rifle fault, pure operator error. Other than that, functioned flawlessly.

Scout #1 & #2 - not a single issue, functioned perfectly

The Aguila ammo, was flawless, not a single issue. Ran through 2 of the 250 round cubes and 2 of the 50 shot boxes.

The targets ran the gambit of excellent to barely acceptable, but none truly horrid. I had a great time, everything went well, I’m probably going to have to drive the 60 miles one way to the other range as they, are talking about shutting the indoor range down completely, until the track and walls are repaired.

I ventured out to the outdoor range at 10 am, to shoot the Ruger PCC, as the bulldozer was reshaping the berm on the short range, I had to shoot at the 50 yds range. This the longest I shot the PCC, over 5 targets (50 shots)I averaged about 65% of the shots into a 4 inch circle. When I got done I pulled out the Bergara B14R #1, and shot 5 targets (50 shots) into the same targets used by the PCC. The first target was horrid, the next 2 were better, #4 was the best and #5 was again like #2-#3. For a guy use to 50 feet with open/iron sights, with a rifle set up for that, the targets were not great, but not terrible.

left the range picked up my 6000 rounds of Aguila ammo, ordered a new set of binoculars and came home

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