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Range Day - 11/24/22 - Turkey Day !!

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I was up early, loaded the car and headed to the remote range, in the home village of my childhood. I Picked up the two grandsons (Devon and Dyuan) at 9 am and headed to the range, there is roughly 18” of snow on the ground (60 miles away I had none), the indoor range is heated, the outside air temp was roughly 34* and inside a balmy 65*. Being Turkey day, it was my hope that everyone else would be too occupied to be there to shoot, I was not wrong at the start, later a father son team showed up, shot for about and hour then left, I know them very well, almost no issue with them, a very loud revolver was the only thing that made me cringe.

For me it was a 3 rifle day

CZ 457 Varmint/KRG Bravo chassis #1 and #2

Ruger Precision Rimfire #5

Ammo use today was 900 rounds of CCI HP mini-mags

#1 - Not a single issue, a great shooting CZ rifle, I really like the KRG chassis, the rifle functioned perfectly

#2 - Another great shooter, it functioned perfectly

RPRF - One of the Cerakote models, the usual glare issue was some what subdued as the light at the lane booth was not working. Like all of my RPRFs, its a very accurate rifle, any flaw in the targets is a mistake made by me.

CCI - no issues

The target alternated between very good and reasonable, as not only was I shooting, I was also monitoring the grandsons, for form, adherence to rules and general firearm safety, both were exemplary. The father-son combo’s 30-40 largre revolver shots were a little unnerving, but on a whole, my targets were overall slightly above average.

The range time calmed down again after the father-son team left and was rolling along, until we got the call, that the turkey was nearing the finish line. So we cleaned up and headed for the 5 pm turkey dinner.

Range Day - Grandsons

Rifles used Marlin Model 60s (1 each)

Ammo used was about 900 rounds of the new version of Remington Target ammo

Neither of the 2 boys had shot in over a year, while their adherence to the rules and their firearm safety was exemplary, their actual sense of aim, seemed to be extremely rusty. It took a while, but they started to come around as time wore on. I think, their lack of range time and the marginal rear sights on the Marlins were contributing circumstances, to their performance. Both of them fired the RPRF and the CZ and both of them did a lot better shooting those rifles.

All in all it was a great time, my only regret was that I should have done it sooner and we should do it more often.

In the rush to get to the turkey dinner, a lot of stuff was packed up in a hurry, it may take a little while be for the targets can be found.
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It was a great time, I really enjoyed it, they seemed to enjoy it, but it was quite evident that sibling rivalry was alive and well, the old one had the very best target, but the younger one had a lot more of the better ones.
I think that will go for along time. I've been shooting with my brother for close to 40 years and it still turns into a competition of some sort before we leave the range. Some days I beat him, some days he beats me.
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