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R498, R632, 1220 & 2384 Magazine tutorial!!!

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Some magazine info!!!

Picture "A" This is a side view of the 1220, R632 and R498 mags. From the side, back, front and bottom you cannot tell the difference between a R498 and an R632. You have to look at it from the TOP to see the small but very important difference. The 1220 mag is there just for comparison, and so that you can see the similarities in the manufacturing method used to make those mags. The "angle bar" channels are formed identically.

Picture "B" Now you can see the difference between the R498 and the R632 mags. There is a small rectangular hole in the front of the follower that will allow the installation of the R504 short adapter, that is if you have one!!!:rolleyes: In pictures "A" and "B" the 1220 mag is there just for comparison. Also you can see that the R498, R632 and the 1220 share the same manufacturing procedure for forming the "angle bar "channel.

Picture "C" is a comparison of the 1220, 2384 and the 3235 mags. When Mossberg started production of the 2384 magazines they changed the way the angle bar channel was made.

Picture "D" Shows the back detail of the 1220, 2384, and the 3235 mag. The hole at the bottom of the magazine back and front of the 1220 and the 2384 mags is to allow the tabs (which you can't see) on the mags bottom plate to be folded into the mag body which locks the bottom plate to the mag body. Only problem with this method of retaining the mag bottom plate to the mag body is that if you bend that tab to remove the bottom plate more than 2 times you will generally need a new bottom plate due to metal fatigue causing the tabs to break off.:mad:

Picture "E" Shows what the magazine bottom plates look like on the different mags. The 3235 bottom plate design is a big improvement over the 1220 and 2384 designs!!! No tabs to break off!!! The R498 and the R632 share identical bottom plate construction and attachment methods. So hopefully these pictures will answer any questions you have about these original equipment magazines!!!

A mystery mag??? A 2384 aftermarket clone??? Some things to be noted. In picture "B", the 1220 has a slot in its follower to allow for the adjustment of the mag to accomodate the SHV-L-LR ammo. So does the 2384 but I didn't post that view of the 2384's follower. The mag pictured above has no such slot in its follower, so it has to be a LR only mag. The main body of the mag looks like it was made by Mossberg, or at least on tooling originally made for Mossberg, well that is my guess. The bottom of the mag has a different base, and I really like the idea. I now know how I am going to easily repair a REAL 2384 where the tabs are broken off of the base plate that lock the base plate to the mag's main body!!! So based on the follower this is a LR only mag. The mags base plate will be easy to remove if needed, and easy to fabricate, if lost or damaged!!!:bthumb: Probably made with dies that Mossberg sold when they got out of the .22 rimfire manufacturing, again that is my guess. If you only plan to shoot LR I would be willing to bet money that these mags would work just fine in any Mossberg semi or bolt gun that takes a 1220 or a 2384!!!
God Bless, Frank.

Am in the process of replacing the photobucket blurred pics.
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detailed magazine tutorial

Wow! tfrank, wonderful!

I really appreciate the effort and time that pictorial took, thank you for doing that.Yes, I did copy it
to my PC under the Mossberg/Magazine folder, and gave you notation credit also!

I think we are pretty lucky to have your knowledge as a resource for our hobby.

Cheers! Y'All take care and be safe this week!

Luvin' it down hee-ah in Flah-ridder :D Paw-paw
1 - 1 of 56 Posts
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