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R498, R632, 1220 & 2384 Magazine tutorial!!!

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Some magazine info!!!

Picture "A" This is a side view of the 1220, R632 and R498 mags. From the side, back, front and bottom you cannot tell the difference between a R498 and an R632. You have to look at it from the TOP to see the small but very important difference. The 1220 mag is there just for comparison, and so that you can see the similarities in the manufacturing method used to make those mags. The "angle bar" channels are formed identically.

Picture "B" Now you can see the difference between the R498 and the R632 mags. There is a small rectangular hole in the front of the follower that will allow the installation of the R504 short adapter, that is if you have one!!!:rolleyes: In pictures "A" and "B" the 1220 mag is there just for comparison. Also you can see that the R498, R632 and the 1220 share the same manufacturing procedure for forming the "angle bar "channel.

Picture "C" is a comparison of the 1220, 2384 and the 3235 mags. When Mossberg started production of the 2384 magazines they changed the way the angle bar channel was made.

Picture "D" Shows the back detail of the 1220, 2384, and the 3235 mag. The hole at the bottom of the magazine back and front of the 1220 and the 2384 mags is to allow the tabs (which you can't see) on the mags bottom plate to be folded into the mag body which locks the bottom plate to the mag body. Only problem with this method of retaining the mag bottom plate to the mag body is that if you bend that tab to remove the bottom plate more than 2 times you will generally need a new bottom plate due to metal fatigue causing the tabs to break off.:mad:

Picture "E" Shows what the magazine bottom plates look like on the different mags. The 3235 bottom plate design is a big improvement over the 1220 and 2384 designs!!! No tabs to break off!!! The R498 and the R632 share identical bottom plate construction and attachment methods. So hopefully these pictures will answer any questions you have about these original equipment magazines!!!

A mystery mag??? A 2384 aftermarket clone??? Some things to be noted. In picture "B", the 1220 has a slot in its follower to allow for the adjustment of the mag to accomodate the SHV-L-LR ammo. So does the 2384 but I didn't post that view of the 2384's follower. The mag pictured above has no such slot in its follower, so it has to be a LR only mag. The main body of the mag looks like it was made by Mossberg, or at least on tooling originally made for Mossberg, well that is my guess. The bottom of the mag has a different base, and I really like the idea. I now know how I am going to easily repair a REAL 2384 where the tabs are broken off of the base plate that lock the base plate to the mag's main body!!! So based on the follower this is a LR only mag. The mags base plate will be easy to remove if needed, and easy to fabricate, if lost or damaged!!!:bthumb: Probably made with dies that Mossberg sold when they got out of the .22 rimfire manufacturing, again that is my guess. If you only plan to shoot LR I would be willing to bet money that these mags would work just fine in any Mossberg semi or bolt gun that takes a 1220 or a 2384!!!
God Bless, Frank.

Am in the process of replacing the photobucket blurred pics.
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Oh, heck no...

Okay Frank, is this where Ed McMahon says to Johnny Carson "Now that's everything anybody would need to know about Mossberg magazines."?;)
Oh, heck no!!! You'll notice that I was very specific about the mags that I was talking about and picturing... Very specific. Nothing older than the 140's or 150's series of rifles. Nothing in the 40 or earlier series models, if you will notice. Just the group of rifles that I am most familiar with!!! Hope the pics are helpful!!! Copy them to your "Mossberg file folder" if you have one. If you don't have one you ought to start one!!!
God Bless, Frank.
Bruce I do believe your correct.

Very nice pics, thanks tfrank, but I do have a question.

In pics C, D & E, the image labeled as a 2384 appears to me to be a 3235 magazine. I have seen this mag in an original Mossberg envelope marked as a 3235. Of course I cannot swear that the mag was original to the envelope but they appeared to me to belong together.

I was under the impression that the 2384 was a re-numbered 1220 with minimal other changes. This info supports my belief.

I believe the 3235 is the only vintage Mossberg rimfire mag with a removeable baseplate.

I would be interested in your thoughts and comments on this issue.

Bruce G.
Bruce I do believe you are correct.:eek::rolleyes: I will go back and correct that mistake. Thanks for catching that glitch. Now I have some more "homework" to do. :rolleyes:
God Bless, Frank.
Opps... Again

Thanks for your magazine tutorial. It will help many, such as myself, more than one can imagine. My problem is that I have tried to insert a 1220 magazine into the magazine well of a 142 A and it will not work due to the ears on the cartridge adjustment. The only magazine that seems to fit & work properly is a R632. I do happen to have one of the R504 short adapters. Any suggestions on why the other ones that you can interchange will not do so for me?
Well I must admit that you are correct about the 1220 not fitting the 140 series mag fed bolt guns. I didn't try the 1220 on the 150 series mag fed semi's, but that is now on my to-do list so I can post accurate info. I have used the 498 and the 632 in my 300 series semi's and just assumed that they would work the other way.:( More egg on the face!!!:eek::rolleyes: I do believe I have a bit more checking before I redo my original post. :shakehead Good thing I saved the PowerPoint. At least it will be very easy to correct my mistaken identity of the 3235 mag. Now I have to wonder what a 2384 mags is??? Any DEFINITIVE help out there!!!:rolleyes: Possibly a 1220 but without the adjustable feature built in??? Sorry for the snafu.:rolleyes:
I did figure out why the 1220 won't fit the 140 series mag fed bolt gun. The depth of the 1220, back to front is greater than the depth of the 498/632. The rounded front of the 1220 hits the bottom of the barrel and won't even let the 1220 mag latch into the 140 series mag fed bolt gun.
God Bless, Frank.
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Well that certainly makes sense!!!


I think it is possible that in Pic D, the middle mag marked as a 1220 may actually be a 2384. I noticed that the way the middle mag is built is different than the 1220 to the right. I think the 2384 used the 1220 design but incorporated the updated manufacturing techniques used in the 3235.

The 1220 mag is formed in such a way that the sides of the mag body form the slot that the angle bar rides in. The back of the mag has tabs that go through the sides and are staked to hold everything together.

The 2384 mag is formed with a separate back plate that forms the slot that the angle bar rides in. This back plate is then spot welded to the mag body to hold everything together. I believe this design would give improved control of the finished width of the rear of the mag and would allow for more variation in the dimensions of the parts without affecting function.

The 3235 mag uses the same manufacturing techniques as the 2384 but with a couple of design differences. The nose of the mag is less rounded than the 2384 and the base plate is removeable in the 3235.The similarity in manufacturing techniques may have permitted Mossberg to make both mags on the same equipment with minor tooling changes.

What do you think?
Bruce G.
Well that certainly makes sense!!! Also deleted pics A and C and updated them with some new pictures that have some added dimensions. It certainly explained to me why the 1220's and the 2384's(?) won't fit a 142. Look at the dimensions I added.
Can anyone confirm Bruce's idea regarding the way the mags are numbered??? I sure would like to nail this down!!!:rolleyes:
God Bless, Frank.
I hope...

I hope that I have the pictures correct now. Any help or verifications would be greatly appreciated. Those of you who copied the original pics may want to delete them and recopy the updated pictures.
God Bless, Frank.
Added a new...

Added a new picture in post #1
God Bless, Frank.
Well shucks...

I have no posts in this thread,I must have been on vacation?:whistle:
Well, shucks... you do now!!!:bthumb:
God Bless, Frank.
Sorry to bring up this old thread but I have a question. I have three different mags and from the photo's here they are from L to R, R632, R498 and two unknown. The one has a short adapter installed and the other does not. What is the correct number for these two on the right as they do not match the photo's? They do not have the second half moon hole in the follower.

I am inclined to believe they are a R632.

I do believe that the two mags on the right are 632's!!!
God Bless, Frank.
Follow the link...

I'm afraid I have to revive this thread with a question or two. I had a Mossberg 340 BA but no longer have it. I was recently given this magazine and told that it was for the 340 BA but can't compare it with the original that was in the rifle. I cannot use the magazine and wish it to find a home that needs it.

A fellow shooter has suggested that "Long Rifle rounds may not feed due to the absence of the spring loaded adjustor." I'm not sure what that means.

Another shooter tells me it will fit the following models: 340B, 340K, 340B-A, 340K-A, 340TR, 342, 342K, 342KA, 350K, 350K-A, 352, 352K, 352K-B, 352K-A

My questions: (a) is there something wrong with this magazine and (b) will this magazine work with a Mossberg 340 and/or any of the other models?

Here are a side and top view of the magazine, which measures 1.375" (as close as I can tell with my caliper). Thank you.

Follow the link to a thread in the "Mossberg Technical Support" thread. The pictures should tell the story. http://www.rimfirecentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=393634 That is a 1220 magazine, by the way!!!
God Bless, Frank.
In a word...

I have a few of these mags that have the insert. I also have a mag and a loose insert. Does the insert bottom hook onto the mag spring?
In a word... yes it does!!!
God Bless, Frank.
I do believe...

I do believe that BOTH mags will work just fine. The only real difference between the 498 and the 632 is that a 632 will have some type of opening in the follower to allow the "short adapter" to install. A 498 will not have such an opening unless someone has swapped followers or modified a follower, but BOTH of them should work on your rifle!!!
God Bless, Frank.
You won't like the answer...

You won't like the answer because it means that the S-L-LR adapter piece is most likely broken and lost somewhere in the mists of time... so to speak!!!:rolleyes: The S-L-LR adapter attaches to the BOTTOM of the follower spring at the front of the mag. You would have to disassemble the mag to install one if you could even find one, which I highly doubt.:( So at least you know, although I don't believe that you will be able to do anything about it.:(
God Bless, Frank.
The only problem...

The only problem with taking these mags apart is that you are VERY likely to break one of the two little tabs that are folded into the holes on the bottom of the mag to retain the base plate. I have repaired a few of those bottom plates on the 1220 and 2384 mags but it is a little bit of a pain to do so, so that is why I haven't pulled one of my mags apart. Cause Mossberg din't just bend them in a little bit, its a 90 degree bend, and you know what happens to thin metal when you bend it back and forth a few times... it breaks.:mad: I'll think about it... no promises though.
God Bless, Frank.
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