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24" or better is the key

I used to be a fan of CCI CB Longs only because it was the only really quiet stuff out there... (Rem CeeBees more than twice did not exit the barrel on my mossy144LSA) Then I found Win CB Match waited over a year since they announced it was coming.... BIG improvement of the CB Longs....

I pre-ordered the Quiet 22 and have been using that for all my backyard needs.. It shoots well in my Henry H001L and Win Lever but it is a bit loud.... but once you get to 24" and over.... (39a, Marlin 80, Ultra Lux etc....) it is very quiet and consistent. I have 3 bricks which should take care of pests for a while.

CCI hit a home run with this.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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