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Quick Release Scope rings/mount?

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I am just full of questions tonight... I'm tired of banging around my scope when cleaning my reciever/barrel after a good day of shootin. Has anybody heard of a quick release sysetem for a 10/22 ring/rail assembly? Thanks
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Monkey, that depends on which base/rings you are using.

If you're using the factory base, then you have to be using ".22 tip-off" rings, and although there may be QR rings of this type out there, I've never seen any. But some have screws that you can loosen with a penny tho, easy enough. Some you have to use a screwdriver or allen wrench.

OTOH, if you are using a Weaver-style base such as the Weaver TO-9, or similar..... many rings designed to fit these can easily be taken off with a coin. All my Weaver-style rings have these larger-slotted screws, also with larger, knurled heads so that once loosened you can finish with your fingers.... except the Millet rings on my tricked-out 10/22. They have allen-head screws and because of the design do not lend themselves to being taken off quickly. Also, Warne, and I'm sure others, make truly quick-release rings for Weaver-style bases, with levers for tightening and loosening, no coin necessary (but they're too expensive for my taste)

At around ~$5, the TO-9 is cheap enough, and well worth it (turn it around backwards, and use 3 screws, looks better). I have one of those on my "plinker" 10/22. It has both Weaver-style cross slots, and a "tip-off" groove (which I don't use). I had to have another cross slot milled into mine, so the rod-dot would fit. With this set-up, I can swap a red-dot, 4x, and 3-9x between this rifle and several others.

Hope this helps some...... gb
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