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Questions about two Russian rimfire rifles:

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I just found a couple of web sites that talk about two russian rimfire rifles.

One is the SV-99: a dragonov "sniper" rifle in .22 LR web site is: http://www.club.guns.ru/eng/sv99.html Looks awesome and am drooling just looking at it. anyone know if its availible here in the US or price range?

Other one is a "Sobol" or Sable, old model bolt action (i think) .22 LR that the web site said was used in WW2 in russia for some sniping during the german invasion. Heres the website: http://izhmash.udm.ru/arms/sobol.html
same questions with this firearm, availibility & cost.

thanks! :D
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the SV-99 is a tricked-out Sobol. I believe it's a straight-pull bolt action. Russia added a pistol grip and accomodations for a supressor to what was essentially a target/hunting rifle. used for head or neck shots within 100 meters.

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