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Questions about my 77/17

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I couldn't stand it any more, I finally got a ruger 77/17 vmbbz. I have just a few questions.

1. What scopes are you guys using on the 17 hmr? I don't mind spending the money to get a good scope, but I didn't want to get more scope than is necessary.

2. Are the ruger mounts any good? What do you recommend?

3. I would like to lighten the trigger pull. What replacement sear or sear/spring kit do you recommend? Something drop in would be nice.

4. Do bipods like the Harris scratch the stock where they attach to the sling swivel?

If these questions have already been answered, just direct me to a thread.

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Bushnell 3200 4-12 40

Volquartson (spelling) target sear

the Harris bi pod has a stiff leather pad between the metal and stock. No scartches
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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