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Question? Suppressed or silenced?

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I head a fellow talking the other day about the difference between the two terms. I have never been involved in the quite gun world and am ignorant to the fact that there was a difference. Is there?:eek:

Mikey T
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There is NO such thing as a ompletely SILENT firearm. You will always have the bullet flight noise, which in some cases is nearly inaudible, and you will hear the gasses escaping from the suppressor... which can be described as a low hiss in some cases. In the semi-auto, you have the action noise, which can be close to 100 dB in some cases. Still.... all those combined, things can get very quiet :D :D. "Silent", no! Extremely stifled, suppressed, and held to a minimum, YES :D We're stuck with the term "silencer" and some use it in the description of their products. It's a misnomer in the truest sense of the difinition IMHO!

Just my .04 worth :D

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