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Question regarding scope

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Although I generally prefer shooting with iron sights, I broke down and bought an old Lyman Junior Targetspot for my Model 52. ("broke" is an appropriate word here - those suckers are PRICEY!) I'd like to get one of the rubber eyecups for it (3/4" tube), but I don't know if there's a source for them. I know they come up on eBay on occasion, but I'm not always in the mood to play games with some of the idiots that frequent that venue ( :bash: ) and would just as soon buy outright. Does anybody carry them?
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Hi. You can get a reproduction that will fit your 3/4 inch scope. Much less pricey than an original. About 12-15 bucks. Go to AUCTION ARMS,or GUNBROKER auctions,use the search feature,and you can probably find the seller. Fast,easy,and clean. By the way,the copys have a VERY small raised mark,like a line,on the side. This was done so the repos would not be passed off as originals. If you have to have an original,use your computer to search UNERTL. There is a guy who sells the old scopes,and he may have one. His name escapes me at the moment,sorry.Yes,the old scopes are pricey,but they sure look cool. And they work VERY well,as these old eyes can attest to.Good luck,Brian.
Thanks for the response. I figured they had to be available somewhere, so now I'll poke around those two sites until I come up with one.

I knew that the proper scope for the rifle would be expensive-ish, but that nothing else would really look right on it. Now I've gone and bought a Savage 19 that could use one too! Sheesh, won't I EVER learn?
bmorrill. Did a quick search. Found one at a rediculus price at Auction Arms. 25.00 plus shipping. Went to Gunbroker. There is a repo there for a buy it now price of 13.00. Shipping is 3.85 and if you want insurance,its 1.30 more. Skip the insurance,and buy it now. Out the door,to your house 16.85. Check it out.I think it will work for your aplication. Good luck. Brian. P.S. Its auction 34653857
Cheap period scopes do turn up I bought Winchester A5 for $71 the other week. :)
mjohno said:
Cheap period scopes do turn up I bought Winchester A5 for $71 the other week. :)
Thank you for sharing - JUST what I wanted to hear! :sad:

PS - found the eyecup on gunbroker and have contacted the gentleman. Thanks.
Rubber eyepiece

This guy sells the rubber eyepiece plus a bunch of other stuff for the Lyman and Unertl scopes
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