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Question, Help needed

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I am new to this sight. And I don't know if this is the right place to start or not but here is what I got going on. I have two 10/22 22lr and both have as much done to them as the wife and I want. So now we are wanting to go to the 17hm2. I have ordered both barrels and now I am hearing that I will have to change bolt handles. So will a 22mag handle work or not? Or do I even have to change them? If I do have to change them would I need a stiffer spring? A little help please. Also after I change it will I have to change it back to shoot 22lr?



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The short of it is that the 17HM2 has an initial pressure spike higher than 22LR that is compensated by increasing the weight of the normal 10/22 22LR bolt 15-20%. Most suppliers will not sell a 17HM2 barrel for the 10/22 without either a heavy bolt (Volquartsen) or heavy bolt handle (EABCO --about $120 cheaper) to prevent a ruptured case rim which could hurt someone. This is not an issue with a locked breech, just a blow-back bolt of an autofeeder. There are some on this sight who have different experiences and have been successful in the use of heavier springs for the hammer and bolt. Conversion back to the origional bolt or spring setup would probably be necessary to properly function in 22LR, at least for standard velocity ammo.

The information is here, but you will have to do your homework.

Do search on the user name skeeter27red. I believe he came up with a way to convert using a piece of another recoil spring along with the original spring.

I think there is some info here also
I believe the stock 22 mag charging handle assembly is too long to fit into a 22 LR receiver. You could cut it down to the correct size, but I believe its easier to just change out the spring.
Just my opinion FWIW.
Well I have not ordered the barrels yet. (Thank God) I have just ordered the whole kit from EABCO. I hope the barrels are good. Thanks for all the info.


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