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Question for brookie

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Brookie, do you have any of your 11mm dovetail to weaver adapters in stock now.
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How "bout some 16mm-Weaver mounts for the BRNO #4??

JLS : B-Square makes one aluminum rail that fits the Brno 4, with the top cut for Weaver rings.
Thanks, Nick. Would you happen to have a part #? I looked all through their site several months ago and didn't see anything. Ended up with Warne rings. Thanks kindly & take care,

Some other places that make the wide dovetail rings:


B-Square probably makes some as well, give them a call and ask.

I have gotten a few requests and will likely make up a few sets in the high adapter version. I might need some help getting measurements - top of dovetail and dovetail depth.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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