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put deposit on S&W41 want a scope recommendation

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put my deposit down just waiting for the pistol permit to come in....any day now as my local police dept. says.
Model41 with 5.5 inch barrel. should i put a scope on it?
i never used a red dot in all my years, but the eyes aint what they used to be so im considering a red dot.
the store only had a bushnell and some other brand scope ( i forget what manufacturer). i was leaning towards an aimpoint and ooking for some feedback any one can give me.
1. do i need a red dot scop[e?
2. aimpoint (which model for my 41)or other manufacturer dot sight.
i know ill need to make the final decision, but always like opinions form other shooters.
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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