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Put a pressue pad under my CZ varmint

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Put a pressure pad about and inch to an inch and a half back from the forearm on my varmint. It seems to have made it really settle down and is shooting great. Its a one holer a 25 yds. if i hold it steady. The bad news, our rifle range is closed for construction.
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I did the opposite. Free floated the barrel by taking the foremost hold down screw and nut out completely.
armabill said:
I did the opposite. Free floated the barrel by taking the foremost hold down screw and nut out completely.
Armabill, how does it shoot after removing the barrel screw?
What I did on my varmint was to completely sand out the barrel channel so it is free floated the whole length. Then I played around with the barrel lug torque but finally got frustrated with that and removed and tossed the barrel lug and screw. So now there is only one action screw holding it in. Then I played around with some pressure pads up front in different positions and heights. Finally found out that putting two pads out 45 degrees from the vertical centerline of the barrel works the best. With just one pad, the pad would just force the stock down and not get that much pressure on the barrel. With a pad almost opposite from each other they would sorta cancel the outward pressure on the stock and put the pressure contact on the barrel where I wanted it. I then stuck black electrical tape on top of the pressure pad to fine tune the amount of pressure. One layer of tape would make a difference on groups.

So far I am really happy with the way it is shooting. Much more consistent.
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I've shot mine with the barrel lug removed and it did shoot a little better. But my gun will not hold zero like this. It seems to swivel in the stock. Pressure pads will also change POI as the temp and humidity changes. Has anyone ever pillar bedded one of these?
I did this

I removed the barrel lug screw on my lux, and carefully free floated the whole barrel, I bedded the first inch of the barrel foward of the reciever though, and bedded the entire action as well. Action sits tight and snug in its bedding. I havnt been to the range with it since for any testing, but I can say the bedding of the action was sucessful in removing any movement there, and I think necessary when going with one action screw. But the range will tell. Rifle shot around .5 in at 50 yards before my itchy fingers got hold of it. With my luck, I made it worse, cant imagine how though?

How are you guys removing the sight base/barrel lug? On my Special, I heated it up with a torch and beat the S#*@ out of it with a hammer and it didn't budge. What am I missing?
Dave E

I don't know how the barrel lug is attached on a special, but on my varmint it is dovetailed into the bottom of the barrel and all I had to do was slide it off sideways. It was snug, but I was able to slide it off with hand pressure.
Dave e

I dont think it comes off, just float it and dont use it if you have no use for it, smoe have ground the top down for scope clearance. At least thats what I have read
Dave : did you punch out the pin under the sight base befor heating and beating it ?
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