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Purchased a Victor this morning

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Think I got an OK deal. No box and only one mag and no barrel weights (already sounding bad :) ).
In any event gun is a East Hampton model with serial SH24565. Fellow forum member had advised me on what serials made up the Houston range and so walked in with that information.
As stated is just a pistol and a magazine.
Took me a while to figure out mag release.
Finish is pretty darn nice. Did look it over for any signs of fractures on the slide. I did not see any.
Price was $750. There was no negotiation as the pistol was on consignment..
Looking forward to trying it out and perhaps finding a weight for it.
No doubt you guys will tell me the folly of my ways on this one which is why we have forums like this.
But after getting my Supermatic and shooting it and being told that the Victor might be even a better target pistol, I took the opportunity to get one.

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Kind of like the use of a take down bolt as opposed to push button or lever.
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A fellow club member has a Browning Buck Mark Pistol. This model employs a takedown screw to secure the barrel to the frame in a similar fashion as your Victor does. After a period of time, that screw on his pistol tended to loosen a little, allowing the barrel to "wobble" a bit on the frame.

I have no experience with the SH High Standard Pistols, so this loosening problem may or may not happen to you. As a solution, he applied the following to the screw on his Browning:

Do click on and read the one review that's there of that LOCTITE Product. If it proved worthwhile for the reviewer, it should be useful for your application as well, if the need should arise.
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