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Powder River Precision is pleased to introduce our Match Grade Rimfire Rifle Trigger:

It is a totally new, " from the ground up" design featuring:

• Drop-in, no gunsmithing fit for 10/22, X-Ring & T/CR22 platforms

• Precision hammer, sear & disconnector, wire EDM cut from stainless steel
barstock, heat treated to Rc 52-54, w/ engagement surfaces polished to our
proprietary geometry

• Ball-bearing trigger return plunger

• Trigger with integral over-travel stop

• Custom wound springs

• Stainless steel pins throughout

• PRP "Survivor Series" Bolt Release w/ extended finger release tab (w/
serrations for more positive purchase), "slingshot" bolt closing cutout &
breakaway spare extractor; wire EDM cut from stainless steel plate

• PRP "Survivor Series" Ejector w/ breakaway spare extractor; wire EDM cut
from stainless steel plate & heat treated to Rc 45-48

• Crossbolt safety and mag catch precision machined from stainless steel barstock

• High impact, glass reinforced, engineering polymer trigger housing, under
trigger guard extended magazine release & curved trigger custom molded
by Hogue on our proprietary tooling

• Set to a crisp 2.5-2.25# trigger release with minimal takeup & overtravel,
giving a short, positive reset

• Drop tested for safety & reliability

• Verified longevity- A PRP production trigger has been fired over 50,000
rounds without failure

• MSRP- $185 Available at our web-store

Members of the PRP Shooting Team have been practicing and competing with this trigger with great success for over 2 years. They love it and we think you will too!


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All round plinking I suppose. I shoot competitively with my larger firearms, so something to help focus on fundamentals for cheaper is what my 10/22 is for. Have you looked into sending your stock trigger into Brimstone? They do some amazing work with the factory trigger. I've done 2 so far and have absolutely no regrets.
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