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Price check..The Marshall..

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Found one today..Hamden, Conn. production. SN#2249795 Barrel stamped "The Marshall" . This is a W-105 made I think circa 1971. It is in very good condition but it has pearl white plastic grips...I thought they came in staghorn plastic grips. The finish is very good, bore is very good and the grips are intact and have no scratches. They are asking $109. Thanks, Cone Ten
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That's a decent price. HS revolvers never had the following of the semi-autos. They had synthetic buffalo, pearl, and staghorn grips. There was a series of Sentinels that was marketed to women back in the mid-60's. You could get your choice of grip color--white, light blue, or pink imitation pearl. Some people try to collect all the colors now, but sales were never any good and so there's not many out there.
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