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Pressure pad material

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I currently have a cz 452 (.22) pillar bedded with the barrel free floated after the lug. Shoots very well (Yes, I still leave the lug in place-found I could use it for ammo tuning with varied torque). Looking at experimenting with a NAVCOM (aka "limbsaver") pad about an 1-1/2" from the forearm tip.
Anybody else try this ? I am trying to flatten the nodes.
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I used a very small square (3/4" x 3/4") of adhesive-backed thin (1/8") foam. It was left over from a Volquartsen bedding kit that I bouight for one of my Ruger 10/22's. Seems to work very well.

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Pressure Pad material

Just got back from the range. Used a Sorbothane 1/8 thick (50 Durameter)
as Pad material. Since I have a series or targets using specific ammunition
and bedding techniques on this rifle I double checked. Yep. The ones with
the pressure pad were consistent. Consistently WORSE ! Given the fact
that Win 52 had at one time rubber barrel pressure pads to enhance
accuracy and dropped it that should have given me a clue.

As for me I will stick with the FREE FLOAT. Now a streamlined muzzle weight
or tuner might be the best. Will keep you guys posted.
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