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Preferable way to break in a new barrel?

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Having talked to my freind about barrel break in, I have come to the conclusion that it has a fairly significant role in the performace of the barrel for the rest of it's life. Is this so? The process that I have always adhered to, is fire the first shot, swab the barrel. Do this 20 times. Shoot 5 shots, swab the barrel, do this 10 times. Shoot 10 rounds, swab the barrel, do this also 10 times.
Labor intensive as this may sound, I have never had any problems or grudges about it. In fact, my stock .22 which was broken in this way, shoots much more consistent groups than my friends stock .22, which he just started lighting ammo up through.
I have heard of fire lapping, what exactly does it do? Benifits? Drawbacks? Process? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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While waiting anxiously for my

GM 18" stainless fluted barrel, I was thinking about a break-in procedure too. How much of a role does ammo play in the break-in? Should it be just bulkpack stuff or H-V rounds and would that change the shoot/clean frequency?

Should I use a cleaner with a patch or boresnake? Something like Hoppe's #9 solvent?

With any luck, my barrel should be here today or tomorrow and my Boyd's Ross Thumbhole stock got here yesterday so I should be ready for the range by the weekend!!
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