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Where to go now?

  • Get the Stevens and 10/22 up and running (minus bbl)

    Votes: 3 42.9%
  • Save up for the IZH-35

    Votes: 1 14.3%
  • Scavenge the b/tg/ch from my current 10/22, get a bbl and save the rest for the IZH-35

    Votes: 3 42.9%
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OK, I have a little play money coming in and need some advice.

I have a Stevens Favorite No17 in .25 Stevens. I want to get the .22LR replacement set from Numrich/GPC IF it will work (I have an email going out to a Stevens website to see if it will). It includes the bbl, forend, stock and buttplate. The sights and extractor will be extra.

With the leftover money I can also order the bolt, trigger group and charging handle for my 10/22 build. Might have enough to look at a bbl too.

The other option is to use this money as a base to save up for one of those IZH-35 pistols.

If I get really antsy to shoot the new build, I can always use the bolt/tg/ch from my current 10/22 and just get the barrel which might put me money ahead on all counts.

Whatcha think?
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