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POI changing during range session?

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I was wondering if anyone here noticed if their P22 changes the POI during a range session? I normally rotate among three guns during a typical range session, the P22 (40-50 rounds), a S&W M19 (20-30 rounds), and a Colt Series 80 (40 rounds), then back to the P22 for another 30-40 rounds. What I am noticing is that the P22 shoots dead on during the first session, but seems to shoot well to the right during the second session, by about 2-3" at 25 ft. Elevation appears to be unaffected. I have verfied this with mutliple sessions and have even shot off of a rest to verify the change in POI. I also do not shoot to the right with the other guns.

The only thing I can think of is that the sights are just slightly loose, enough so that the jarring from the first 40 rounds moves them enough to change POI. The only other possibility I have thought of is that the sights move while the P22 is lying on its side on the shooting bench.

Any ideas?
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This is what happened to me + possible remedy

This shift to the right, off the POA has happened to me several times, in the past during range time.

Not to the left, mind you, but always to the RIGHT!

So, I grabbed the best ammo money could buy, namely Eley Tenex Ultimate EPS, a rest and open sights.

I tried to make the P22 group w/10 shots at 15m/16yards (my standard testing bed at home, indoors).

By the end of the second 10-round mag, I was finally getting all the shots touching.

Then I tried the same trick, but off-hand, instead of a rest.

ALL shots went to the RIGHT-of-the-POA!

I adjusted my TRIGGER FINGER PULL only, w/out touching/adjusting the rear sight and 2 mags later I was able to control my trigger pull and keep the shots from going West.

I repeated the above test, using the Tac-Mount and Red Dot sight, and for the third test, using the Walther Laser.

In these two latter tests I encountered the same issues, as with open sights, but my trigger control was infinetly easier to master (w/a single aiming point -- red dot or laser -- than with a rear/and/front aligned) and results were obtained with less effort.

The key is the P22 TRIGGER and how it breaks during a shot, as well as the nanosecond required for the follow-up, which is very tricky [make that impossible] w/the P22's open sights, as the slide moves back-and-forth and messed the sight picture after every shot.

I admit, that the P22 is more accurate than me, so I guess it is the trigger pull and the way I hold the P22's grip while squeezing/pulling the trigger that needs special attention, on my part.

In short, the right-of-POA shift is caused (in my case, at least) by my poor markmanship.

Yet, I am sure that the day I manage to shoot the P22 well, my pistol shooting technique would have reached its peak.

Hmm, that would be the day ;)
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